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Regency romance books by Leigh D'Ansey
Book Three in my Northbrdige Bride series will be released before Christmas 2021.
Pictures to illustrate the three books in the Tangled series by The Three Quills
The 'Tangled' series is a set of three anthologies by Jen Yates, Leigh D'Ansey and Caroline Bagshaw.

Leigh D’Ansey writes romantic stories set in the Regency era. Technically, the Regency era lasted from 1811-1820, but writers have a fair bit of leeway around those dates. Leigh creates authentic characters who are flawed, intense, passionate and sexy. Her Regency books include fiction and non-fiction. ‘The Beaumont Betrothal’ – Book 2 in the Northbridge Bride series – took second place in the 2020 Romance Writers of New Zealand (RWNZ) 2020 Koru Long Romance award. If you love reading Regency Romance, or maybe you have always aspired to write Regency Romance, take a look at Leigh’s BOOKS page. 

Leigh is also one of The Three Quills, sharing her love of the Regency era with three anthologies of short Regency Romance. The Tangled series will transport you into the Regency worlds of Stannesford, Northbridge, and Hunterlaw. Come along and enjoy three very different romantic journeys with Jen Yates, Leigh D’Ansey, and Caroline Bagshaw. Click on the link to learn more about The Three Quills.

Excerpt from a review of the Beaumont Bethrothal

“The story sizzles with barely repressed sexuality. In fact the heat fair pops off the page and kept me reading into the night! Lyrically and tastefully written this Regency novel is accurate in respect of the lifestyle and language of the time and it conjured up lots of lovely imagery for me! I loved it.” – Lyndsay Campbell, Amazon Reviewer of The Beaumont Betrothal. Click here to purchase your copy from Amazon.

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Photograph of Leigh D'Ansey

Leigh D’Ansey writes romantic stories from her home in New Zealand, in the South Pacific. 

Leigh’s heroes and heroines are flawed, intense, passionate and sexy. Very often they’re also unwise, pigheaded and downright unruly. Leigh lives with her life partner, also a writer, in a unique natural environment. Read more about Leigh…