Leigh D’Ansey creates emotional stories with characters who are authentic, passionate and flawed. 

A Christmas Treat for you!

I teamed up with two of my friends, Jen Yates who writes sexy Regency Romance, and Caroline Bagshaw who writes Scottish Regencies, to put together a Christmas gift for you. Adding to the fun was a high tea at Princes Gate, an historic hotel, and a fabulous launch with family and friends in an Italian Renaissance garden. Click on the cover or the red text to download A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan for FREE!

Jen, Caroline and I celebrated the launch of A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan with family and friends in the piazza of the Italian Renaissance Garden in Hamilton.

On Sale Now!

I am so excited to let you know that my new title, ‘Tips for Writing the Regency Romance – a light-hearted guide’ is now on sale!

If you have always aspired to write Regency romance, this is the go-to guide for you.

My experience as a published author of Regency romance, a keen interest in the Regency era, and thoroughly researched guidelines will help you breathe life and authenticity into your stories. Come with me while  I explore the intricacies of etiquette and the conventions of courting and matrimony among the British upper classes that are central features of a Regency romance. If writing a Regency romance is on your agenda, this handy guide is a must-have for your research shelf. Here is what some reviewers said:

Navigate the Regency era with this easy-to-read, informative guide.” – Jen Yates, Regency Romance author.

The book fair bubbles along with tips and essential-to-know tid-bits on etiquette, fashion, who was who, life below stairs and the very important marriage mart. I loved it.” – Lyndsay Campbell, author of historical women’s fiction.

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Koru finalist 2020

I was thrilled to hear that The Beaumont Betrothal took 2nd place in the RWNZ 2020 Koru Long Romance Awards. Here are some reviewer comments about Sophia and Bruno’s story.

“I love Leigh D’ansey’s lively style of writing. She has created a delightful novel with strong characters. The dialogue and vivid descriptions race off the page, telling the story, pulling the reader into the world of these times, edging ever closer to a very satisfactory ending. A grand read and I highly recommend it.” – Deryn Pittar – five star review.

“Unputdownable.  Loved it, all the characters truly come to life, some of them likeable, some not so much, all believable.  Austen with steamy bits. A great read. Can’t wait for book 3.” – Victoria Mousley

“Supporting – or thwarting – the rocky path to true love is a wonderful cast of secondary characters who all add richness and detail to the story. The tension builds, and just as this reader was in despair that the star-crossed lovers would never find their happy-ever-after, the clever author provided an ending well worth waiting for.  Highly recommended as a sexy read.” – Cherie le Clare

Book 2 in the Northbridge Bride series, The Beaumont Betrothal is a Regency Romance from the author of the bestselling The Duke’s Blackmailed Bride.Leigh D'Ansey romantic stories available at AmazonFollow Leigh D’Ansey on Facebook for release updates.

“I read it in one sitting – and now I’m going to read it again slowly and savour each vivid description and enjoy the carefully constructed tension. Leigh D’Ansey displays her mastery of words in both dialogue and pace. Not my usual genre but I truly enjoyed this romantic Regency romp.” Deryn Pittar – five star review.

“A great read for a quiet evening. Just the right measure of romance and glamour with a generous dash of tasteful and erotic bedroom activity.  Very pleasing novella.” – Victoria Mousley

Vanessa Fitzwilliam is in dire straits. Her father’s death a year before has left her with a crumbling manor house and a handful of old retainers who are relying on her for support. When the Most Noble Hugo Ashton, Duke of Northbridge sweeps into her life and proposes a marriage of convenience, Vanessa is tempted—but the Duke believes her to be something she is not!

Hardened by the ravages of war, Northbridge seeks a wife who will provide him with an heir but make no demands on his emotions. The scandalously experienced Vanessa, neither clinging nor innocent, seems the perfect choice. But Northbridge isn’t prepared for her reluctance to accept him, nor his own fierce reaction to her beauty. To fulfil his desires, he is prepared to be ruthless, but can he bend Vanessa to his will? Or has the Duke met his match?!

Kate Summers has worked hard to create the life she wants, and knows exactly the kind of man she needs: someone compliant, steady and calm. A man who won’t rock her boat. When Nathan Kincaid strides back into her life bringing nothing but bitter memories and unsettling reminders of her fractured past, Kate knows he is definitely not a contender!

Nathan Kincaid is not interested in marriage—he’s been there, done that. Carrying the burden of his brother’s death and the breakdown of his family, the last thing Nathan needs is a pocket dynamo from the past complicating his life. Finding his hot new colleague sprawled half-naked across his desk on a hot summer’s night when all he craves is peace and solitude is not something he bargained for.

But Nathan and Kate are irresistibly drawn to each other. Can they mend old wounds? Can they overcome the barriers that keep them apart, learn to trust each other, and forge a whole new relationship?

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