Leigh D’Ansey believes in the power of love. In her sexy Contemporary and Historical romantic fiction Leigh creates emotional stories with heroes and heroines who are authentic, passionate and flawed. 

“I read it in one sitting – and now I’m going to read it again slowly and savour each vivid description and enjoy the carefully constructed tension. Leigh D’Ansey displays her mastery of words in both dialogue and pace. Not my usual genre but I truly enjoyed this romantic Regency romp.” Deryn Pittar – five star review.

Vanessa Fitzwilliam is in dire straits. Her father’s death a year before has left her with a crumbling manor house and a handful of old retainers who are relying on her for support. When the Most Noble Hugo Ashton, Duke of Northbridge sweeps into her life and proposes a marriage of convenience, Vanessa is tempted—but the Duke believes her to be something she is not!

Hardened by the ravages of war, Northbridge seeks a wife who will provide him with an heir but make no demands on his emotions. The scandalously experienced Vanessa, neither clinging nor innocent, seems the perfect choice. But Northbridge isn’t prepared for her reluctance to accept him, nor his own fierce reaction to her beauty. To fulfil his desires, he is prepared to be ruthless, but can he bend Vanessa to his will? Or has the Duke met his match?!

Kate Summers has worked hard to create the life she wants, and knows exactly the kind of man she needs: someone compliant, steady and calm. A man who won’t rock her boat. When Nathan Kincaid strides back into her life bringing nothing but bitter memories and unsettling reminders of her fractured past, Kate knows he is definitely not a contender!

Nathan Kincaid is not interested in marriage—he’s been there, done that. Carrying the burden of his brother’s death and the breakdown of his family, the last thing Nathan needs is a pocket dynamo from the past complicating his life. Finding his hot new colleague sprawled half-naked across his desk on a hot summer’s night when all he craves is peace and solitude is not something he bargained for.

But Nathan and Kate are irresistibly drawn to each other. Can they mend old wounds? Can they overcome the barriers that keep them apart, learn to trust each other, and forge a whole new relationship?

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Sophia Hunter’s future, and the security of her family, seems to be settled when she reluctantly agrees to marry her childhood playmate, heir to an ancient Earldom. But when a broad-shouldered, slim-hipped stranger arrives in their midst claiming to be the firstborn son and legitimate heir, Sophia’s world is sent spinning on its axis.

Born on an Island and raised in the Americas, Bruno Cavanaugh is astounded to discover the mother he never knew was the first wife of Jonathan Beaumont, fifth Earl of St Haugh. When he meets Sophia Hunter on the bridge over Huggleton Brook he is captivated but he soon learns she is betrothed to his half-brother Freddy. Of all the women in the world, Sophia Hunter is the one utterly beyond his reach! Follow Leigh D’Ansey on Facebook for release updates…

Romantic stories written by New Zealand romance author, Leigh D'Ansey

Leigh D’Ansey writes romantic stories from her home in New Zealand, in the South Pacific. 

Leigh’s heroes and heroines are flawed, intense, passionate and sexy. Very often they’re also unwise, pigheaded and downright unruly. Leigh lives with her life partner, also a writer, in a unique natural environment. Read more about Leigh…