A rocky start to 2023

2023 has got off to a rocky start here in New Zealand with extreme weather events bringing flooding and high winds that have seen families displaced and communities isolated, some without phone and internet connections. We live inland so escaped the worst of it, but coastal communities and Auckland, our biggest city, have been sorely affected. Lives have been lost and rescue crews have put their own lives on the line to shepherd people and pets to safety. 

My work-in-progress is ‘His Barefoot Bride’ which features Alicia, Benedict’s sister from ‘Lord Benedict’s Bride’, and introduces Alexander St. Leger Rose , Sixth Duke of Thornleigh. Widowed after a  miserable marriage arranged by her father, Alicia has returned from the New World. While she appreciates that marriage is necessary for her to function in society, Alicia is resolved to choose her own husband this time around. A malleable gentleman is the kind of man she is looking for, certainly not Alexander with his lion-like presence and dominating air!

I’m not a writer who plans (I wish I was, but I just can’t) so I go along with my characters on their journey and we get to know each other on the way. I’m looking forward to learning more about Alicia and Alexander. Check out the gorgeous cover, once again designed by Tania Hutley.

I enjoyed the February meeting of our C2C (Coast-to-Coast) writers group recently and as always, came away inspired. My enthusiasm knew no bounds and led to me refreshing an old favorite, ‘Kincaid’s Call’, a second chance, small town contemporary romance. I’m also returning to another contemporary half-finished in my files – ‘Married to McAllister’. I’m hoping to release this in the first half of 2023. Cover still to come on this one!

Valentine’s Day here was kind of overtaken by Cyclone Gabrielle, but wherever you are in the world, I hope you experienced a loving gift or deed. People say it’s the thought that counts, but I’m inclined to think that’s an easy way out. Take care till next time. Leigh xx

A sensual Regency Romance by Leigh D'Ansey.
When young widow Alicia Rhodes returns from the New World she is determined to forge her own destiny. Alexander St. Leger Rose, Sixth Duke of Thornleigh does not figure in Alicia's equation! Due for release mid-2023.
A small town, second chance, contemporary romance.
Kate Summers has worked hard to create the life she wants and knows exactly the kind of man she needs: someone compliant, steady and calm. A man she can trust not to rock her boat. When Nathan Kincaid strides back into her life bringing nothing but bitter memories and unsettling reminders of her fractured past, Kate knows he is definitely not a contender. Nathan's been there, done that - he's not interested in marriage. Carrying the burden of his brother’s death and the breakdown of his family, the last thing he needs is a pocket dynamo from the past complicating his life. Finding his hot new colleague sprawled half-naked across his desk on a summer's night when all he craves is solitude is not what he bargained for!

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