About Leigh D’Ansey

As a romance writer, I can’t imagine a home without bookshelves, piles of books and magazines around the house and a stack of recipe books in the kitchen. We moved recently and I had to de-clutter. Loads of books went to charity shops but I swear they’re being replaced by some kind of book goblin who filters them into the house in the night!

Along with romance I’ve written children’s literature, short stories and articles, and I established and published my own magazine which I subsequently sold to a larger publisher.

Some of my work has been recognized at a national level. I’m proud to be a member of Romance Writers NZ, a superb organization for writers at all levels.

Like most of us,  I’ve experienced sorrow and loss, joy and excitement. Marriage and divorce, the excitement of falling in love, the joy of childbirth and the sorrow of losing two dear parents are life events that shift your mindset and alter your world view in both subtle and profound ways.

My career path has been a long and winding road! I spent a short time as a very bad waitress, banished to the kitchen after tipping two half-lobsters in the shell into a customer’s lap. I’ve been a market stallholder, a B&B host, and a self-employed administrator. I’ve picked berries, driven tractors, mowed lawns and worked for a global humanitarian agency.

I’m deeply connected to the natural landscape of my home in New Zealand/Aotearoa, a land rich in cultural history with picture postcard scenery around every corner. Family is the beating heart of my life. I have two children and three gorgeous (naturally!) grandchildren. I share my home with my life-partner and Hutch, a black and white dog of uncertain pedigree.

I love food, flowers, trees, storms, the sea, solitude and the sound of rain on the roof. Although I’m not keen on creepy-crawlies, I believe we all have a place in this world.

What do I do in my spare time? Waste most of it! When I’m in productive mode I potter in the garden, cook and fool around with art-making. I spend too much time playing Spider Solitaire, googling almost anything and chatting on Facebook… but don’t tell anyone!

If you’ve enjoyed one of my books, I’d love to hear from you! Please visit me on Facebook or Twitter, or leave a review on Amazon.com. Thank you!

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