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Endurance – a short story challenge

At our recent writers meeting, we were given the challenge to write a short story of no more than 500 words. The story had to include the use of ‘ight’ in a word three times, and the words ‘summer’ and ‘fish’. We drew our… Continue Reading “Endurance – a short story challenge”

A rocky start to 2023

2023 has got off to a rocky start here in New Zealand with extreme weather events bringing flooding and high winds that have seen families displaced and communities isolated, some without phone and internet connections. We live inland so escaped the worst of it,… Continue Reading “A rocky start to 2023”

Time Twister – Regency Style

Our writers group recently held a flash fiction challenge with a seasonal theme. The words ‘Christmas Card’ had to be included. Christmas wasn’t really a ‘thing’ during Regency times but I had fun writing the following short story, where Eugenie and Beatrice find themselves… Continue Reading “Time Twister – Regency Style”

Book 3 in the Northbridge Bride Series is available for pre-order now!

I’m happy to let you know Lord Benedict’s Bride, Book 4 in my Northbridge Bride series is up for pre-order now. Downloads will be available 20th December. Book 4 introduces Lord Benedict Cranston, heir to Foxwood Manor, and independently wealthy Miss Catherine Adair. You… Continue Reading “Book 3 in the Northbridge Bride Series is available for pre-order now!”

Trip of a Lifetime

View in browser My trip of a lifetime!   I’ve recently returned from my first real holiday in 20 years. Most special was spending time with my son who I hadn’t seen since early 2020, when Covid turned all our worlds upside down. He… Continue Reading “Trip of a Lifetime”


The Three Quills are delighted to announce A Tangle of Todays and Tomorrows is up for pre-order now. In ‘A Tangle of Todays and Tomorrows’, we transport you into the timeless era of the Regency worlds of Stannesford, Northbridge, and Hunterlaw. Come and enjoy… Continue Reading “A TANGLE OF TODAYS & TOMORROWS”

Cover Reveal!

COMING SOON! I am loving the cover of Bk 3 in my Northbridge Bride series!  Arranged marriages are one of my favorite tropes, especially when the union is for the wellbeing of others rather than to advance the couple’s own interests.  Here’s a quick… Continue Reading “Cover Reveal!”

Introducing… The Three Quills!

Jen Yates writes Regency Romance with more than a touch of spice! Leigh D’Ansey writes Regency Romance with a sense of place. Caroline Bagshaw writes Scottish Regency Romance with a hint of intrigue. Three Regency Romance authors get together What happens when three Regency… Continue Reading “Introducing… The Three Quills!”

Regency Romance Retreat

An anthology for the Summer Solstice Caroline Bagshaw, Jen Yates and I had so much fun putting together our Christmas Regency Romance anthology, ‘A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan’ that we’ve decided to repeat the process. Our next collection will celebrate the summer solstice. I have a perilous… Continue Reading “Regency Romance Retreat”

I’m so excited!

Tips for Writing the Regency Romance is available now for pre-order

If you have always aspired to write a Regency romance, this is the go-to guide for you.