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Reading has enriched my life

Recipe books are useful if you want to read at mealtimes because it doesn’t matter too much if you smear the pages with food.

Friends who Write Romance

Jen Yates says Romance has always been her genre of choice-the sexier the better! Jen writes what she calls ‘Romantica’-sexy romance with elements of erotica.

Second-Hand Bookshops – don’t you love ’em?

Imagine staying in a town dedicated to second-hand books in a B&B above ‘The Open Book’.

Writing Places – do you need a dedicated space?

I’ve clearly been deluding myself all these years; I thought I was a practical person…

Procrastination: is it a waste of time? Or is it life?

I’m procrastinating writing the synopsis by writing-about-procrastinating-writing-the-synopsis!

Researching the Regency Romance

Some of Leigh's research books.

Writing is hard work for a writer, but I find research totally absorbing.

Contemporary Romance Boxed Set

Romance novels digital boxed set by Leigh D'Ansey

Wow, what a nice surprise! An email from The Wild Rose Press popped into my inbox the other day to let me know they had included my debut novel, ‘Kincaid’s Call’ in a new digital boxed set of contemporary romance. Love is his Kiss… Continue Reading “Contemporary Romance Boxed Set”

Is your personality reflected in the clouds?

A friend and I were talking about ‘when we were kids’. We found we had at least one interest in common: we both remembered lying on our backs in the grass watching clouds. Interestingly though, our thoughts and imaginations travelled along different paths. My… Continue Reading “Is your personality reflected in the clouds?”

How do you view a life?

My Dad never wanted to climb mountains or hop on an airplane and travel far from home. He never needed a lot of people around him or to do something risky just for the hell of it. While he enjoyed a glass of wine… Continue Reading “How do you view a life?”

Is Winter the Season of Romance?

Does winter speak romance to you? Does it lighten your heart when the day begins with a sparkling frost under sharp blue skies and ends with a zillion stars studding an inky night? I love those brisk, invigorating days. And I’m usually ready for winter, looking… Continue Reading “Is Winter the Season of Romance?”