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The Beaumont Betrothal

I’m thrilled to announce the release of The Beaumont Betrothal, Book 2 in the Northbridge Bride series.

The Romance of Favourite Things

Winning this competition gave me the encouragement to believe in myself as a writer.

The Romance of Soap and Water

By the early 19th Century, bathing was on the cusp of change.

Does Writing have to be a Solitary Occupation?

The companionship of other writers, fresh perspectives and new ideas will not only help me grow as a writer but will enrich my life in ways that are immeasurable.

Regency Lady’s Dressing Table

What might we have found on the Regency Lady’s Dressing Table? I think we can guarantee most of the items in the Regency Lady’s bedchamber would have been fashioned by hand. The little candlestick bases, jewelry-bowl cover, and hairbrush in the photograph certainly don’t… Continue Reading “Regency Lady’s Dressing Table”

Reading has enriched my life

Recipe books are useful if you want to read at mealtimes because it doesn’t matter too much if you smear the pages with food.

Friends who Write Romance

Jen Yates says Romance has always been her genre of choice-the sexier the better! Jen writes what she calls ‘Romantica’-sexy romance with elements of erotica.

Second-Hand Bookshops – don’t you love ’em?

Imagine staying in a town dedicated to second-hand books in a B&B above ‘The Open Book’.

Writing Places – do you need a dedicated space?

I’ve clearly been deluding myself all these years; I thought I was a practical person…

Procrastination: is it a waste of time? Or is it life?

I’m procrastinating writing the synopsis by writing-about-procrastinating-writing-the-synopsis!