Regency Romance


LORD BENEDICT’S BRIDE: When Benedict and Catherine enter an arranged marriage for the sake of the bereft children, they discover a marriage ‘in name only’ is easier said than done. Benedict harbors a dreadful secret while Catherine’s businesslike brain is no match for her womanly, willful body!


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NO SCANDALOUS AFFAIR: Assigned the responsibility of organizing the annual nativity play, Eden Ainsley is in a dilemma over the lack of a baby for the Christmas manger when a stranger strides into Melrose Court holding a squalling baby . When the babe is warm and fed Eden turns her attention to her unexpected visitor. Mister Noel Hadleigh has eyes that promise the experience she had longed for on her wedding day, only to find herself a widow before the night was out.

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THE DUKE’S BLACKMAILED BRIDE: Vanessa Fitzwilliam’s scandalous reputation has left her with few opportunities to make a respectable marriage.   When the Most Noble Hugo Ashton Duke of Northbridge finds Vanessa bathing in the kitchen, her already tattered reputation must surely be ruined beyond salvation. If you like a short Regency romance with a lick of heat, The Duke’s Blackmailed Bride is the perfect choice.

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2020 Koru Award for The Beaumont Betrothal
The Beaumont Betrothal took second place in the RWNZ Koru Long Novel Award.

THE BEAUMONT BETROTHAL: Sophia Cranston is an accomplished artist who longs for independence. To safeguard her family from ruin she agrees to marry the Viscount of Enderby, a man she cannot love. Sophia’s world is sent spinning, however,  when a stranger from the New World strides into her life, claims her fiancée’s title and arouses passions she did not know she possessed.




“High praise and a must-have for any new Regency author.”

If you have always aspired to write Regency Romance, this is the go-to guide for you!  I loved putting this handy guide together, but rather than offer my own viewpoint I thought I’d share comments from some of my reviewers:

“This ‘how to’ guide is well written, easy to read and packed full of details, facts and descriptions. It’s a concise reference manual with delightful examples of prose scattered throughout. Leigh has suggestions on expressing your character’s point of view and how changing one word can make a subtle difference to the tone of the dialogue. She shares her knowledge generously with the reader. This is not just a reference book on the period, it is also an enjoyable and entertaining read.” – Deryn Pittar, Amazon reviewer

“If you are thinking about writing a Regency-era story this book should be close at hand. High praise and a must-have for any new Regency author.” Crystal Crossings, Amazon reviewer.

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