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If you enjoy Regency Romance with a touch of spice, my Northbridge Bride series is for you. Meet Vanessa, Duchess of Northbridge, her husband, the Most Noble Hugo Ashton, Duke of Northbridge and their friends in this secluded corner of Herefordshire. All Leigh’s Regency Romance books are available on Amazon. Click on the covers or the links to purchase.

The Duke's Blackmailed Bride is a novella, introducing the Northbridge Bride series.
The Duke's Blackmailed Bride introduces Ash and Vanessa, the Duke and Duchess of Northbridge. The Duke's Blackmailed Bride is a novella.

Vanessa Fitzwilliam’s scandalous reputation has left her with few opportunities to make a respectable marriage.   When the Most Noble Hugo Ashton Duke of Northbridge finds Vanessa bathing in the kitchen, her already tattered reputation must surely be ruined beyond salvation.

But the war-weary duke, uninterested in a virginal miss, has a proposition Vanessa must consider. After all, what will happen to her loyal retainers if she refuses his offer?  But she faces a thorny problem. The arrogant duke believes her to be something she is not!
If you like a short Regency romance with a lick of heat, The Duke’s Blackmailed Bride is the perfect choice.

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The Beaumont Betrothal received excellent reviews.
2020 Koru Award for The Beaumont Betrothal
The Beaumont Betrothal took second place in the RWNZ Koru Long Novel Award.

Sophia Cranston is an accomplished artist who longs for independence. But to safeguard her family from ruin she agrees to marry the Viscount of Enderby, a man she cannot love. Sophia’s world is sent spinning, however,  when a stranger from the New World strides into her life, claims her fiancée’s title and arouses passions she did not know she possessed.

Bruno is captivated by the talented artist, but he is shocked when he learns of her engagement to his brother. Isn’t it enough that’s he’s stripped his young sibling from his title, without depriving him of his betrothed as well?

The Beaumont Betrothal took second place in the RWNZ 2020 Koru Long Romance awards.

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The Three Quills

What happens when a Scottish animal behaviourist, a Kiwi school teacher and an A-class procrastinator get together for lunch at the coolest cafe in the King Country? The Three Quills, that’s what happens! I love writing as one of ‘The Three Quills with fellow Regency Romance authors, Jen Yates and Caroline Bagshaw. We produced our first anthology – ‘A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan’ for Christmas 2020.  Download a FREE copy of ‘A Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan’.

Our next book in the ‘Tangled’ series, ‘A Tangle of Tiaras and Titles’ was released in time for the Summer Solstice. Purchase a copy of ‘A Tangle of Tiaras and Titles’ and keep your eyes out for Volume 3 in the ‘Tangled’ series, ‘A Tangle of Todays and Tomorrows’, due out for the 2021 festive season.

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This logo represents The Three Quills, Jen Yates, Leigh D'Ánsey and Caroline Bagshaw.
The Three Quills are three Regency Romance authors.
Cover reveal for a Tangle of Todays and Tomorrows
Cover Reveal for A Tangle of Tiaras and Titles
The cover of a Tangle of Tinsel and Tartan with new Quills logo


“High praise and a must-have for any new Regency author.”

If you have always aspired to write Regency Romance, this is the go-to guide for you!  I loved putting this handy guide together, but rather than offer my own viewpoint I thought I’d share comments from some of my reviewers:

“This ‘how to’ guide is well written, easy to read and packed full of details, facts and descriptions. It’s a concise reference manual with delightful examples of prose scattered throughout. Leigh has suggestions on expressing your character’s point of view and how changing one word can make a subtle difference to the tone of the dialogue. She shares her knowledge generously with the reader. This is not just a reference book on the period, it is also an enjoyable and entertaining read.” – Deryn Pittar, Amazon reviewer

“If you are thinking about writing a Regency-era story this book should be close at hand. High praise and a must-have for any new Regency author.” Crystal Crossings, Amazon reviewer.

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